Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sundays In My City-Inniskillin and Fort Erie

Last Sunday while my parents were here visiting we ventured up to Canada's very own Niagara on the Lake. With traffic on the bridge it took us about an hour to get there. We stopped at Inniskillin Winery for lunch and a tour/tasting. They make table wines but are better known for their IceWine. Ice Wine the grapes are harvested during the bitter cold nights in January. It is a really sweet wine to be enjoyed in small doses....more like a dessert wine. The tour was an hour long and cost $5....well worth it plus at the end we tasted a white, red and an ice wine...inside the tasting room a single tasting could run you anywhere from $2-$ the tour is a great deal.

I had never been to a winery or wine Dad said he has been on thirty or so, and this was the best one! So if you are ever in Niagara on the Lake head over to Inniskillin Winery it's worth a stop.

After that on our way home we stopped at Fort's across the river from Buffalo! My Dad is obsessed with the War of 1812 and maybe now Craig is too.....luckily for me we got there with only a half hour to tour the museum and fort before they closed, darn! Couldn't tell you much because I'm not into history war stuff and kinda zoned out and wished someone had dropped me off at the outlet mall instead! Craig wants to go back and spend more time there....I hope he has fun!

Happy Sunday and July 1st! Hope you have a wonderful holiday week!
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PS loving Picmonkey collages again!


Fiona said...

Greetings from a wet and rainy Ireland.

Your day out seems like great fun especially the winery.
Would love to visit there!

Wishing you happy Sunday.


ps the collage is great.

Wayne W Smith said...

We might have just passed each other last week. That area is so nice.

Heather Smith said...

We didn't get to a wine tasting but we did love wandering around NOTL... glad you had a good time too!

Mrs4444 said...

Lovin' the new header, as usual :)

I also enjoyed your sense of humor in this post. Mr.4444 can pay attention for about four seconds per exhibit when we take any tours. Needless to say (or seedless to nay, as Mom would say), we don't take many tours together.

Vidya Sury said...

Very interesting! Just three days ago I was talking to my friend in Canada and she mentioned Erie. Lovely photos - I like how you arranged them!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Love that area. Looks like a wonderful outing with your family. Chuckled over the Outlet Mall comment. Happy July.

Laurie Matherne said...

I never heard of Ice wine. Sounds cool.

Keetha Broyles said...

I've never even heard of NOTL before and now THREE bloggers this week have shown it on their SIMC. Cool!

I love to see new places this way. said...

I love your collages.

It looks and sounds like an ideal little trip. Happy Canada Day.


Mark said...

I'll have to jot down that winery. I've planned vacations around wine tastings, so I know I'll love it.

The ice wine is really sweet, my girls like it better than I, but I tink the term small doses is something they are not familiar with, lol.

And you hope your husband has fun when he returns? You had me chuckeling.

likeschocolate said...

Looks like your having a great visit with your family. Love your new July banner. You must have figured out how to make new ones. Have a great day!

Leslie said...

Happy July!! Love the banner! Looks like a fun visit to the winery ~ would you believe that I have never visited a winery ~ there are a few close by and I've never gone. Yikes.
Happy monday

pve design said...

Love seeing tastes of your city!

Anonymous said...

I like tastings like these.
This place looks lovely!
Greetings from Helsinki, more Spain pics coming at the weekend though...

Unknown Mami said...

I'm loving the collage to and that tour sounds like a deal steal.