Thursday, January 22, 2009

German Lesson

Today was my first German lesson and I was so nervous. My teachers name is Bea, she has a last name, she's not one of those people that can get away with one name like Madonna or Cher, but I'll be damn if I can pronounce it. So Bea (I want to call her Aunt Bea but I don't think that would be tolerated) came to my house armed with a German workbook and within minutes I was speaking German with the help of Aunt Bea.

But the problem is she spent an hour and half teaching me the map of Europe in German. Okay not only did I have to learn German she expects me to know what countries are where in what parts of Europe and America. i.e. Brazil is in South American okay that was easy but I have to say Geography is not my strong point kinda like running...I'm just not good at it. Here is another question in German, Morocco is in what country? No idea it was in Africa let alone North Africa. It was so hard and confirmation the I'm an idiot American that thinks nothing else exist except United States of America!

I kinda thought we would start with the alphabet then move on to numbers and top the lesson off with a few colors....not confirming that I'm Geographically challenged. So next week we do map again Ja! Ja! but it's not gonna help me when I go to the dry cleaners and I can't tell them to lighten up on the starch!


t.t. millers said...

Kathy, I had a college class where we had to make childrens games. I did my unit on Germany. One of the games I did was similar to twister, but I colored a huge map of Germany on a white sheet. I divided up Germany with the states and made them different colors. The kids would spin and have to step on the correct state. It was a cute and fun way to learn about the german states and capitols. I don't think I'd be too happy with your lesson. I'm not that good a geography either. Todd laughs at me when he quizzes me because I have NO CLUE!

preppyplayer said...

You are paying for the lesson- Be German-blunt and direct.
Ask for lessons in CONVERSATIONAL German. Don't waste your time learning what you do not think you will be able to use. Do NOT worry about insulting Frau Bea, you can ask for another tutor.
I think you should always ask yourself," what would a German do?"
You know the answer!