Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hold the confetti, I'm coming back!

Okay my German Gym has not seen me in awhile or at all since my first visit well that 's because I was in the states for the Holiday for two weeks and came back with a terrible cold! But is it really necessary to play on my catholic guilt, is it not enough that I see myself everyday with a muffin top and get winded walking with Sophie. These constant reminders are too much!

Hallo Kathy,
wir vermissen Dich! Komm doch mal wieder zum Training!
Dein Fitness Park Team

Hi Kathy,
we miss you! Come have a look back at training!
Your team Fitnesspark

Seriously do they really miss me?
When I show up will they clap?
Hug me?
God I hope not, and here I thought Germans were not friendly....!

Here is their second email attempt to entice me to return, now if they said all the "weight loss water" you can drink, cold and all I'd be there today!

Hallo Kathy,
Damit Du in Zukunft noch erfolgreicher bei Deinem Training bist, möchten wir Dich zu unserem Trainingssteuerungsseminar einladen.In diesem Theoriekurs geht es in erster Linie um Deinen Trainingsplan, Ausdauertraining,Muskelaufbautraining und die richtige Ernährung.Das Fitness Seminar findet jetzt auch immer mittwochs um 18 Uhr im Fitness Park Horn statt.Bitte vorher telefonisch einen Platz reservieren.Fitness Park Horn 0421/2760001Dein Fitness Park Team
Hi Kathy,
So you in the future even more successful in your training are, we want to You about our training management seminar invite. In theory, this course is primarily concerned with your training, endurance, Muscle training and proper nutrition. The fitness seminar will take place now every Wednesday at 18 clock in the Horn Fitnesspark instead. Please call in advance to reserve a place. Fitnesspark Horn 0421/2760001 Your team Fitnesspark

Alright, alright I'll be there first thing Monday but no balloons or confetti please!


preppyplayer said...

Sounds like a plan! Marc and I are starting yoga again next week. I haven't had a glass of wine or any other alcohol for two weeks. I am doing an experiment to see if that is where my extra 20 lbs. came from.
I will keep you posted.

Frau said...

I went four days with out beer! only have one on weekend ...friday is part of the weekend right?

Ina J Offret said...

Hi Frau! Amy & I in Brick NJ on the Manasquan River.